Nitrogeno E-170


Power Requirement 100-120Vac 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -4°F to 158°F
Compressed Air Input Range 100-200psi
Compressed Air Quality 0.01ppm
Nitrogen Purity 95-99+% (Adjustable)
Nitrogen Output 13.5 CFM rated at 160psi, 80°F
Maximum Nitrogen Pressure in Tank 145-174psi
Operating Range 5-162psi
Recommended Inlet Supply Pressure 44 psi above the maximum set pressure of the unit.
Accuracy +/-1 psi
Display Increments 1 psi
Units of Measurement psi, kPa, bar
Shipping Weight 465 Pounds
Dimensions (Container) 57″H x 28.5″W x 26″D
Dimensions (Unit) 52″H x 28″W x 24″D
Folleto NF-E-170